Water Tower Rehabilitation

Water Tower and Tank Rehabilitation

Water Tower

Heritage Restoration Inc. has refurbished water towers for over half a century.

Our services include:

  • Surface preparation including abrasive blasting, pressure washing and power tool cleaning
  • Full or partial containment to control contaminants, dust or over-spray
  • Site climate control achieved by dehumidification or heating
  • Protective interior coating application to prevent leakage and corrosion. Water tank painting puts down a strong barrier that resists oxidization from the air and chemical attack from the chlorinated water inside. Because complex chemical actions are constantly at work, technologically advanced coating systems such as Polybrid and Polyurea are used on the interior surface.
  • Tank exteriors coating with zinc primers, epoxy mid-coats and polyurethane top coats, for a layered and long lasting wall of protection for the structural materials
  • Quality control inspections throughout the project

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