Structure Rehabilitation


Function … the new sustainability
Our technologies and our work methodologies deliver on our promise for a sustainable and responsible environment. Heritage Restoration Inc. carefully conducts an onsite analysis to determine the precise nature of an issue to ensure a recurrence of a problem is eliminated. We develop an efficient and cost-effective plan to minimize cost, downtime or interference with the normal functionality of the structure. Using master practitioners, we mechanically prepare all surfaces to ensure maximum outcomes and then undertake the physical repair. Our experts ensure that each function is completed in line with the strictest project specifications and all work is meticulously inspected for compliance.

Assisting our communities with their structural rehabilitation projects is an increasingly large commitment of Heritage Restoration Inc.’s resources. Our discerning clients believe the quality and integrity of a rehabilitation project is worth the investment. They believe that a major job is worth doing once, very well, not doing it every few years.

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