Slate + Copper

Slate and Copper

Slate + Copper

This is an intricate and highly skilled division of our firm, with skills and techniques preserved from the historic procedures of Old England.
We have specialized in new and historical roofing projects since 1926. We pride ourselves in pristine workmanship, while providing a safe working environment for all our staff. As important as the quality of our work is our commitment to offering fair and competitive pricing. We have extensive experience with detail orientated projects used in a variety of building materials including but not limited to slate, copper, aluminum zinc and cedar.

Slate comes in many grades from all over the world, S1 slate being the best. Using different colours of slate, we are able to incorporate beautiful patterns in roofs to add to the architectural value.

Copper is the other material that stands the test of time. Our skilled coppersmith can bend and form the copper for a church spire, university cupola or standard government envelope.

Our services include:

  • Investigation and repair of a roof leak
  • Emergency roof leak repairs
  • Installation of new flashings
  • Repair of existing flashings
  • Removal/re-installation of sealants/caulking
  • Complete roofing system removal/re-installation
  • Custom copper-wrapped dormers, canopies, awnings, louvres and gazebos
  • Custom copper finials, pinnacles, cornices, eavestroughing and downspouts

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