Our History

The Sky’s the Limit. Huntley Steeple Jack Co.

The narrative for Heritage Restoration begins in 1921 with Alfred W. Huntley who founded Huntley Chimney Service, using a horse and wagon to reach clients needing residential chimney repair. In 1926, he formed Huntley Steeple Jack to expand into larger high rigging and restoration projects. By 1955, Alfred passed the ever-growing business along to his son Kenneth, who in 1969 named the family business Heritage Restoration. Expanding the restoration business and at the same time guiding his two young sons, Bruce and Alfred, in the fine craftsmanship of their expanding restoration craft, he passed the business to them in 1998. Today a fourth generation of talent is enthusiastically carrying forward the hallmarks that make Heritage Restoration the oldest, the original. Our signature is on everything we create.

Heritage Restoration Inc. believes in a high level of safety, quality work and customer service. We work with all levels of government, corporations and individuals to preserve the heritage of Canadian cities, monuments, structures and buildings and to partner in the structural future of our nation. Our goal is to provide a healthy work environment for our employees and be the leader in historical restoration throughout Ontario.

Authentic values. Pride of workmanship. Customer service. Safety. Versatility. Taking on challenges to propel new solutions. A love of historic detail and a very high tolerance for red tape. Ongoing site management. It’s in our DNA.

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